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Welcome to my class web site!

I hope this is a helpful resource for students and parents.  The navigation on the left of the page will take you to the appropriate course content.  You will also find helpful links to other external sites pertinent to our class content as a well as links to school district resources. 


Students, please develop sound study skills.  Parents, please support you student in this endeavor.  I have found the following document, A Guide for Understanding, helpful in setting the expectations and boundaries necessary for student success.
This site is meant to be a complimentary resource to classroom material.  I have tried to make almost all of the material readily available.  However, this site and all of it's resources should not replace the thoughtful time necessary to gain content knowledge.

Below is a general calendar that includes the topics for each content course.  You can use this to see class topics, assignments, labs, and assessments.